Hacking: It’s not just for “Criminals”

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The driving motivation behind Indarra Cyber Security is to help organizations secure their workforce. The result of a secure workforce is a company that has strengthened their brand and reduced the chances of a cyber-attack being successful.

We often think of “hacking” and “cyber-attack” as being performed by malicious, shadow groups in some remote location attempting to secure data or money for their own personal gain, but is that image truly accurate?

Two stories surfaced over the weekend that helped dispel the idea that hacking and cyber-attacks are work of criminals.

Is the NSA in the Middle East Banking System?

A group of hackers have leaked information that strongly suggests the NSA has penetrated the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication’s (SWIFT) network. If this information is shown to be accurate, it would have allowed the government to monitor the financial transactions of any sovereign state, corporation, or, potentially, persons in the world.

North Korea Attempts a Launch

North Korea attempted a missile launch this past weekend that ended in dramatic fashion almost as soon as it started. Was it really a failure? It has been known that the US has had cyber attack plans for North Korea for several years. So, did the US Government hack the launch causing a failure?

NSA Hacking Tools Leaked

Yes, the two news items above are conjecture and not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Even if they were not behind these incidents, does anyone believe the US isn’t out on the Internet hacking?

If you don’t think the spy agencies are playing the role of hackers, you may want to look at the recent leak of NSA hacking tools…

The bottom line is this: Hackers come in all forms – groups out for personal gain, a disgruntled employee, or Nation States. All networks have some form of vulnerability, and the risk goes up as the human factor in the equation becomes more prevalent. The best way to reduce your risk is to properly educate and train your workforce on Cyber Security and what their role is in protecting your company.

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