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Monday, January 28, is Data Privacy Day, an annual global campaign focusing on digital safety, information privacy, and data protection. Officially lead by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), Data Privacy Day is their principle event addressing security awareness and education.

Celebrate the day by stepping back for a minute and reviewing your current
online practices. Do you have healthy cyber habits? Have you considered how sophisticated nefarious individuals have become and adjusted your security routines accordingly? Do you ignore unsolicited emails from people you do not know? Can you recall the last time you updated your security software? Are you aware of security laws and policies, and do you follow them? Do you think before you click? If your answers to any of these basic questions are a bit uncertain, it is time to tweak your cyber behaviors.

Become an active participant in this international effort to secure and protect personal and privileged information by being vigilant about your online actions and staying informed. Periodically, investigate available resources that encourage safe cyber habits, and make them part of your daily online ritual.

Working with the global community in this safety endeavor creates a more secure digital environment for everyone.

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